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"Everyone I have interacted with at Scandlearn has been competent, friendly, and knowledgeable. All this has helped to make moving to Scandlearn an extremely positive and beneficial experience."

What is Scandlearn?

Scandlearn is the ultimate training company for both operators and aviation personnel.
 With Scandlearn you can both train to get qualified and manage training for your entire organisation. 


Our ecosystem is a one-stop solution, designed to keep training managers up to date with crew qualifications and to immediately meet the authoritative requirements, in one single app. Scandlearn’s core solution has its own automated engine that will follow you wherever you go. This makes it easy to pick up and perform your actions at any given time. You can track and monitor your crew qualifications in real time from the dashboard.

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We provide helicopter pilots with a smooth solution whereas you can conveniently get access to the training you need from Login to your preferred device and finish the course with a skills test. Off grid? No problem! Simply download your training content before you plan to be offline. You can then upload your results the next time you have wi-fi access. Your certificates will be available once the course is finished, via the dashboard.

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"The courseware from Scandlearn is a very attractive, the format is fresh, modern, and fun. The knowledge is better retained, and better correlated with real-world scenarios."


Scandlearn has a unique style and approach to learning in comparison to other e-learning providers on the market. We have reimagined training in  a modern way to engage people in this digital age. Sign up for a course package and get all the information about current courses and upcoming helicopter training.

Dangerous Goods for Helicopter Pilot

This unique DGR training is only for helicopter pilots. Scandlearn has created a compliant, yet compressed, 53 minute long DGR training course which is applicable for rotor operations. This course, consisting of 11 modules such as; General Philosophy Limitation, List of dangerous goods, Labelling and markings, Dangerous Goods transport document and other relevant documentation, Acceptance procedures, Recognition of undeclared dangerous goods, Storage and loading procedures, Notification to captain, Provisions for passengers and crew and Emergency Procedures. This course will approve your personnel in accordance with EASA, IATA and ICAO regulations. 

Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS)

This upcoming course will help to train pilots to safely conduct night operations with the use of Night Vision Goggles (NVG). This course gives understanding of the basic principles such as eye physiology, vision at night, limitations and techniques to overcome these limitations. It will also prepare you for the test of NVIS equipment and for aircraft operations and how to operate in normal and emergency procedures. It will cover all theory training to make pilots confident using Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) and Night Vision Goggles (NVG). The course meets the theoretical requirements of EASA regulatory framework as stipulated in SPA.NVIS.130 and AMC1, GM1 SPA.NVIS.130

Helicopter External Sling Load Operations (HESLO)

This upcoming online course will give the helicopter flight crew the required knowledge of Helicopter External Sling Load Operation (HESLO) It will start with an introduction and cover Regulations and national differences, the physical and aerodynamic aspect. We will also cover Flight preparations as well as advanced sling load operations and finish off with a section on the flying itself. The course meets the theoretical requirements of EASA regulatory framework EASA Air Operations Part SPO.SPEC.HESLO and FAA CFR part 133 and advisory circular 133-1B

Human Factor - Single Pilot Resource Management (SRM)

This online training is a highly requested course for pilots operating on their own. Operating in a single pilot operation compared to a multi-crew environment can be quite different. The CRM system that is mandated for multi-crew aircraft differs from SRM to a large extent with all the challenges that single pilots are facing. Scandlearn is, therefore, focusing on giving a comprehensive online course for single pilots through the SRM training. This course is designed for Flight Crew during Initial SRM training, Operator Conversion course, Annual Recurrent training and Command course.

Other courses suitable for helicopter pilots

Scandlearn has over +60 general subjects. And while we keep on extending our helicopter library, here is a list of courses suitable for helicopter pilots. 

  •  Aviation Security
  • CRM and Airborne Emergency
  • EASA Regulation
  • Electronic Flight Bag EFB
  • EU Ramp Inspection Programme
  • Fatigue Risk Management System
  • Fire and Smoke
  • First Aid
  • Flight Time Limitation (FTL)
  • Food Safety

  • Mental Health in Aviation
  • Minimum Equipment List
  • Pandemic Awareness Training
  • Pilot Incapacitation
  • Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Survival
  • Threat and Error Management
  • Volcanic Ash

Why Scandlearn?

Scandlearn is the innovative training provider that dares to think differently and creates modern training for this digital age. Since 2001, Scandlearn has successfully provided training for over 600 operators worldwide. Here is a few reasons why our customers love Scandlearn.


The Scandlearn courseware is fully compliant with EASA, IATA and ICAO. Our courseware development team is consciously monitoring the regulatory bodies to ensure full compliance with the latest updates. You can always stay safe and trust that this is our highest priority so you can focus on other tasks. 

+60 Courseware

Scandlearn has created the biggest high-quality  courseware library on the market for the aviation industry. Operators turn to Scandlearn because we understands the importance of stay up to date but also the many great subjects useful for aviation personnel.

High Quality Visuals

Scandlearn believes in enjoyable training therefor we have created a unique style that makes the presentation of the subjects both pedagogic and visually pleasing. Experience an online training you never seen before and that makes the time spent a lot more valuable. 


Scandlearn Training Management System (TMS) is easy to get started with and enrol your crew to training. Take your business to new heights and scale your organisation with Scandlearn. No more juggling between different apps. Keep everything in one place with a one single platform. Let the system work for you.


At Scandlearn we want the companies be able to scale their business, that's why we decided to make high quality training accessible for all. With Scandlearn you get first class products to a economy class price. Contact us to get a complete course package for yourself or for your crew.

Online & Offline app

Experience an online training you never seen before. High quality videos with sceneries that helps the users familiarize and train for real events. This course includes both videos and handdrawn illustrated material to make best possible quality and presentations.

"The training material is excellent and tailored to our operations. The administration setup is simple to use and the support service is there 24/7. Everyone I have interacted with at Scandlearn has been competent, friendly, and knowledgeable. All this has helped to make moving to Scandlearn an extremely positive and beneficial experience."

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